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The background
In 2017 we’ve finished transforming our old Hotel Aalborg into the new The Arcade Hotel, with which we set out to reclaim hospitality the way we understand it: Being excellent to each other!

In The Arcade midcentury design meets gaming culture. To us games in general provide the perfect breeding grounds to accelerate social interaction — one of our main goals. And since we’re crazy about video games in particular we figured „Hell, why not pack this hotel with all the old games we used to play back in the days.” Et voila, here we are.

Since we had our soft launch in 2016 we’ve received a ridiculous amount of messages by people telling us how much they love the idea of a gaming hotel. Even though we don’t simply see ourselves as a gaming hotel, it undoubthfully is a huge part of our identity.

By now you´re probably getting a hint where this is going: You should have a strong affinity towards the gaming culture to apply for a job with us. (Also, being a fan of Def Leppard helps – just saying, no pressure).

Working here gives you the possibility of taking part in the genesis of a unique hotel brand. Since we are fairly small this also gives you the chance to deal with every aspect of the hospitality business. You should have a hands-on mentality and enjoy working in a small family business rather than a big, prestiges business – which we honestly believe to be way more boring anyway.

There is a lot of room to grow and thrive here for everyone. Our hotel can only be build up with the whole team, so its important to us that we have people on board that are willing to give us strong feedback and participate actively in this ongoing transformation. If you’re up for that, we would love to meet you.

What we offer

  • A multicultural working environment.
  • Taking part in growing a new hotel brand.
  • Familiar working atmosphere.
  • Flexible working hours (part time)
  • Insights into every part of the hospitality business.
  • Trainings


Your work would involve the following
You would be working day- evening- & night shifts and occasionally breakfast shifts.
Besides the regular administrational tasks you will need to serve the guests at the bar.

  • Check ins / Check outs
  • Receive guests to the hotel by greeting them warmly, and attending to their inquiries and also answer inquirers over the phone.
  • preparing bills and taking payments
  • dealing with special requests from guests (like booking theatre tickets or storing valuable items)
  • dealing with complaints or problems, respond to emails.
  • help each other out


Please send us a short resume with a picture enclosed. And for the fun of it tell us your three favorite movie- or music-quotes. And your all time favorite game.

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